Our college is an epitome of greatness and a source of educational victuals for the next generation leaders. We are saddled with the responsibility of preparing out students’ talents and desires to help in their transformation into great leaders.

Our focus is to produce life-long learners and we strike a balance between intellectual knowledge and moral values.

In our school, every child is a star and every child is peculiar.

Our school identifies and celebrates the uniqueness of each child, hence, harnessing their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses.

One thing that distinguishes us from others is the fact that we identify and build individual talent, birthing outstanding versatility of skills and giving our children an edge over their counterparts since they have developed skills alongside their college degrees.

Our students offer a range of extra subjects, few of them are:

  • Language (Spanish, French & Chinese Mandarin) – speaking various languages is a great asset both career wise and mentally as it improves the functionality of the brain.
  • Coding – which enhances critical thinking and problem solving skills, and can be applied to mathematics and reading skills in students.
  • Creative Arts – encouraging our students to express their creative skills and imagination.

In Lekki Peculiar College, we ensure that the future of our students are secured by empowering them with several skills they need for the present and of course, the future.

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