It is no longer news that Lekki Peculiar School is on an unstoppable streak in unleashing the potentials in her students. We are all enjoying the entertaining song released last month by Peculiar Stars titled ‘WHO CARES ABOUT US.’ Its music video which was released last week has taken the world by the storm and it is currently going viral. As if all these are not enough, Lekki Peculiar School is about to release yet another unprecedented feat.
Lekki Peculiar School students and staff are just back from a short movie location. The title of the movie is ‘WHO CARES?’ The movie, which is a sequel to the hit music single, is a short story that reflects the sufferings and neglect being experienced by a lot of people in the country. It is mind-blowing how the students and staff of Lekki Peculiar School demonstrated dexterity in acting without any prior experience.
The trailer of this movie is expected to be out on the 22nd of July 2022. Be the first to watch the trailer.