By 9:30 am, the school buses had kicked off to the farm.
A young female member of the poultry farm, after a brief lecture on the five units in the farm took the students and pupils round. The five units were the brooder unit, piggery unit, layers unit, fish hatchery unit and the feed mill unit.
Layers are female birds that lay eggs. The type of layers in Akin Sateru’s farm are Isa brown layer birds. They start laying eggs when they are seventeen weeks old. After a year they stop laying as much as they used to. They become old layers and could then be sold out.
The students were then taken to the the feed mill unit, a large hall like a factory where chicken feed and fish feed are prepared not only for local used but also for commercial purpose. Here they were told what constituted the feed and were shown around.
Then to the fish ponds_ from large bowls containing fingerlings and tilapia to the fish ponds proper. They were several vast of them, about five or so.
Finally they were taken to the piggery unit. The mature male pig was called boar. The female, sow, and the young ones piglets.
In few words, the exercise was rounded off by twelve and the students and pupils were brought back to school safely.