The welcome address was made by Miss LPS, Arafat Asheyori. The father of the day, Mr. Stanley Okonkwo gave an opening speech on the importance of sports for youths and children.
After this, there was a welcome dance performance by the dance club, followed by a taekwando presentation to kick off the event.

There was a march past presentation of all the four houses led by gorgeously dressed Queens and Kings of the respective houses.

The management team opened the floor by running a 50m dash. Parents, teachers and children all took part in one way or the other. We had the parents’ race, teachers’ race, pupils’ race, high jump, tug of war, picking of balls, bicycle race, big slippers race, lime race, sack race, dressing to school and so many other exciting activities.

The four houses – Ruby, Topaz, Emerald and Sapphire participated actively in the competition. At the end of the event, Ruby (Red) house took the 4th position, Topaz (Yellow) house came 3rd, Emerald (Green) house came 2nd and Sapphire (Blue) house emerged in the first position as the winner of our 2019 Inter House Sports Competition.
The children departed with joy and excitement as they knew that they are all winners who have put in their best in one way or the other.
Two of our invited schools participated in both male and female relay races. They both received awards for participating in the programme.

The event ended on a very good note with no injury sustained by anyone.

May God bless our children, parents, teachers and management team for making this event a success.